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David Sausdal, CGC researcher, in Radio24syv comments on police officer's opinions on the different detail legislations and decrees 

Monday November 5th, CGC researcher David Sausdal, was invited to talk about police offers and their opinions on the different detail legislations and decrees that politicians passes. An example was the legislation on 'precarious camps'.

Last Friday P1 Orientering asked CGC researcher Henrik Vigh about his ongoing fieldwork in Tangier, Morocco 

P1 Orientering invited CGC researcher Henrik Vigh in the studio to talk about his informants, drug trafficking and other cross-border crimes from Morocco and up through Europe.

CGC researcher Christina Jerne presents paper: Working under the iceberg without drowning: approaching criminal economies

Last week Christina Jerne presented her paper on criminal economies at the Diverse Economies and Post-Capitalist Possibilities conference in Berlin. In this paper, Christina addressed the ethical and political challenges and possibilities of exploring gang economies ethnographically. The central matter of concern was to question how gang economies might be studied and conceptualized as diverse economies, and what the implications of this reframing might be for a post-capitalist political agenda, as theorized by J.K. Gibson-Graham.

TV2 NEWS asked CGC researcher David Sausdal about technology in the fight against financial crimes

In this article David Sausdal comments on crime, cryptovaluta and the need of a supportive legislation in the fight against criminal activities. The article discusses how Blockchain might be used to prevent and fight financial crimes. 

CGC researcher David Sausdal is doing a plenary talk at the 2018 Copenhagen Common Session Conference 

David will be talking about the Danish Police’s surveillance work routines. More specifically, he is going to describe how Danish detectives often refrain from carrying out certain surveillance practices as they find them at odds with what they truly appreciate about their job.

Interzones conference in Tangiers
Last week (week 39, 2018) the CRIMTANG project hosted its first research conference in Tangier, Morocco. At the conference leading ethnographers from all over the world participated to present new ideas and ongoing research projects that were related to the issues of cross-border crime and criminalisation. The conference offered the participants an insight to other fields of study together with the opportunity to join the dialogue on the presented ideas and projects. 

CGC researchers in Tangiers
As the first part of the CRIMTANG project's ethnographic fieldwork on transnational organised crime (TOC), researchers from CGC will be in Tangier during the months of September and October 2018. This also includes hosting a research conference entitled INTERZONES where leading scholars from around the world come to discuss issues of transnational crime and criminalisation.  

A CGC researcher published a paper: Vigh, Henrik. (2018) "Lives opposed: perceptivity and tacticality in conflict and crime." Social Anthropology.
This article looks at the way people tactically adjust to contexts of insecurity and danger. Building on fieldwork with disenfranchised urban poor in West Africa and marginal West African migrants in Europe, it clarifies how perspectives and practices are attuned to precarious situations and life conditions. 

CGC researchers organised a panel on 'Antagonistic Sociality: An anthropology of lives opposed' at EASA 2018
Who do the police look for - and how? And, vice versa, what is life like for the people who live underneath this regulatory gaze? This was the oppositional interaction explored by this panel -  a panel consisting of ten ethnographers from across the world who have been exploring issues such as the selling and smuggling drugs, people trafficking and smuggling, gang criminality and the increasing amount of policing and criminalisation thereof. 

CGC was part of the 2018 Danish People's Political Festival (Folkemødet)
Together with the National Police Commissioner, Jens Henrik Højbjerg and the head of the Danish Parliament's Criminal Justice Committee, MP Peter Skaarup (DF), Henrik Vigh and David Sausdal discussed the problems faced by Denmark in relation to an increasing amount of transnational drug trafficking. 

The European Research Council awards Professor Henrik Erdman Vigh 2 million euro for the CRIMTANG project (Ministry of Higher Education and Science, December 2016 - the news article is in Danish)

2 million euro for research project on transnational organized crime (news article on the website of The Department of Anthropology, February 2017)