How do we prevent drug related crime?

Denmark is both a connecting point for the trafficking of drugs into Northern Europe as well as a receiving country with an increase in demand. More youth are using heavy drugs in Denmark, but this development comes as no surprise - in fact, it mirrors a global trend.

Militant and criminal movements are on their way to Denmark, but what will the Danish police and defense do to fight the global increase in drug trafficking, now that it has become clear that border crossing restrictions do not make a difference? Together with Peter Skaarup, head of the Legal Committee (Retsudvalget), and Jens Henrik Højbjerg, Head of the National Police (Rigspolitiet), professor Henrik Vigh and postdoc David Sausdal will discuss the issues that the Danish police are now facing in regard to cross-border drug trafficking.

Time: 15 June 2018, 17:30-18:20

Place: G26 University of Copenhagen - Allinge Harbour

Organizer: The University of Copenhagen