Master Class: Ethnography in difficult circumstance

Are you thinking about doing fieldwork in difficult circumstance? In a place ridden with crime, conflict or crisis?

Then join us on June 19th at 15 - 17 when Centre for Global Criminology will be hosting its last master class before the summer break. The master class is an event where both students and researchers will be able to engage with each other and exchange knowledge and experiences about ethnographic ideas and challenges. There will be served free beer and soda.

Among the participants are:

Professor in anthropology and head of Centre Henrik Vigh.

Associate professor in anthropology at Aalborg University Anja Kublitz, who's research is about how conflicts move across space and time and forge new political subjectivities.

Professor at Aalborg University Steffen Jensen, who has researched transformations of the drug trade in Cape Town.

Director of Operations at Dignity Henrik Rønsbo, who works in conflict and post-conflict societies with a special focus on human rights, reparative and restorative justice.

We hope to see you there!